Trace & Andrew // Surprise Proposal

I can't say that I've ever been more nervous/excited/impatient/ecstatic about a shoot in my entire career! I have been good friends with Trace & Andrew for about two years now. Trace came to me a few weeks ago saying he was going to propose to Andrew and wanted me to be there to capture their engagement. I was ELATED to have been chosen to capture such an important milestone in their relationship! I have always wanted to photograph a proposal and it was exactly as amazing as I had imagined. Trace and I created a plan - I asked them to be "models" for me in an engagement shoot, picked a date, and Trace had to sneakily tell other friends to cancel their plans with Andrew to make sure he would be free. When we arrived, we started with the beginnings of an engagement shoot - then I pulled out a ring box, prefaced with saying it was my late Grandmother's and to be extremely careful with it (which was a white lie to keep from being obvious!), and asked them to "fake" a proposal for me, with Trace being the one to get on one knee. HE STILL HAD NO CLUE! 

Trace got down on one knee, with a big smile on his face and said "Andrew, I know you think this is fake, (opens the ring box), but it's actually real! Will you marry me?!" Andddd I lost it. And so did Andrew! He was in shock, my heart was beating just as quickly as both of theirs was, and HE SAID YES! 

BEST DAY EVER. Aren't they perfect??!